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Alert-Based Scheduling 

We increase revenue and reduce cancellations for medical clinics. 


Our Interactive Alerting Service fills open slots quickly for you and your patients.


SkedgeAlert by the numbers

We like numbers. You like numbers. Here is what we have found based on customer usage.

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Time Savings

An 85% reduction in time to fill a cancellation

No-show Reduction

Automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows by 40%


77% of clients want and use self-scheduling

Last-minute appointments

Approximately 54% of Alerts sent within 48 hours of the appointment are filled

SkedgeAlert works with you

On average, providers lose up to $156,000 per year due to cancellations! You cannot make a client show for an appointment any more than you can make them go on the diet you prescribed. Your office needs a tool that has the agility to solve this problem.

Waiting Room Seats
Do you have no-shows?

On average, providers lose up to $156,000 due to cancellations! You cannot make a client show for an appointment any more than you can make them go on the diet you prescribed. Your office needs a tool that has the agility to solve this problem.

Office Corridor
Do you have cancellations?

20.7 minutes is the average length an experienced scheduler spends on cancelling an appointment! Even your best schedulers do not have a tool to help them manage the constant state of flux. Your schedulers are amazing! They do everything they can to ensure there is no gap in provider schedules. They need a tool that manages your clients' over-committed lives. 

Applicants in the waiting room
Do you have more clients than you have appointments?

24 days is the average length of time clients wait to see providers - even longer for specialty providers. Setting aside time for emergency scheduling leaves gaps in your schedule. Your office needs a tool that helps identify who wants an appointment, what appointment type has the most requests, how to notify clients, and if clients are available for the appointment.

Hotline Consultant
Do you have high staff turnover or

Recruiting and training cost estimates run around 50% of an annual salary to replace a front office or scheduling staff member. One of the highest contributing factors to staff turnover is feeling overworked or not having enough hours in the day. Relieve staff from feeling overburdened.

Who uses SkedgeAlert?

Medical Team
Medical Offices

Medical scheduling is complex. Give your medical schedulers an assistant that can automate regular tasks with SkedgeAssist.

Osteopath at Work

Take the pain out of scheduling appointments. Your clients will receive available appointment alerts based on their availability.

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Dentist Offices

Clients easily book appointments, making annual preventive care and dental procedures quick to schedule.

How it works - designed with you in mind.


Invite Clients to Connect


Approve Clients


Notify Clients of openings


Fill Appointments

It really is as simple as four steps. The simple, powerful tool helps streamline the complex scheduling process. When it all comes down to it, you need a solution that does not need an engineer to figure it out.  Don't worry - we had engineers build SkedgeAlert AND we also had clients, schedulers, and non-engineers design and test to make sure the system is easy, simple to use, and solves your complex scheduling problems.

SkedgeAssist for your office and SkedgeAlert Mobile App for your clients

Give your schedulers a win by giving them a tool that works. SkedgeAssist eliminates the tedious tasks - scheduling, reminder calls, cancellations, recalls, and appointment instructions - and focus on your client and office needs.

Clients use the SkedgeAlert Mobile App to interact with your office. They simply download the app and connect to you. You also have the ability to invite your clients to the SkedgeAlert Mobile App.  

It's that simple!

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Image by Damian Zaleski

Designed by schedulers, providers, and clients. 

Designed by a former Mayo Clinic physician and backed by MultiCare Health Systems, SkedgeAlert's solutions have evolved from a medical solution to a multi-industry platform.  SkedgeAssist includes the below features at one low price and the SkedgeAlert Mobile App is always free for your clients! 

Smart Appointment Alerts

Use SkedgeAssist to send open appointments to the SkedgeAlert Mobile App, based on client availability preferences.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce your no-show rate and staff time with automated appointment reminders in-app and via mobile notifications.


Clients can schedule, cancel, and reschedule within the SkedgeAlert Mobile App 24/7/365 using our family friendly mobile app. 

Referral Management

Increase your referral success rate by managing referrals through SkedgeAlert.

Appointment & Office Instructions

Ensure your office runs smoothly by automating

customized pre-visit appointment instructions.

Automated Waitlist

How long does a client wait to see you? Give your clients a way to see you sooner by creating and automating your waitlist.

Cancellation Management

Reduce your no-show rate and increase your fill rate by giving your clients an option to cancel and reschedule without having to call the office.

Trends & Reports

Understand client availability, appointment usage, and highest no-show times.

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Seamless Integration

Make the most of your current processes by integrating SkedgeAlert with your EHR.  Below is a sample list of our integrations.  Don't see your EHR or scheduling system? Contact us for the full list.

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Implementation Made Easy

Implementing a new solution can be overwhelming and take up valuable resources.  You will receive a dedicated Customer Success Team that will learn your processes, train staff, and help you succeed along the way. Implementation usually takes 4 hours. Chat with our Implementation Experts.

Get Unlimited Tech Support

When your clients, schedulers, and providers have questions they need answers fast.  That is why your clients, schedulers, and providers have unlimited access to our Customer Success Tech Team via email, phone, or website help videos. 

Have questions now? Contact

Hospital Employees
Hospital Employees

Enterprise and small businesses solution

SkedgeAlert scales and fits well from small businesses to large enterprise companies across different industries.

Proudly serving:

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Clients use the SkedgeAlert Mobile apps

Learn how our service solves scheduling problems, including last-minute cancellations, for clients.

Schedulers can use our system on tablets, laptops and desktop machines
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