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  • What kind of business can SkedgeAlert be used for?
    SkedgeAlert can be used by all businesses, with demand for their services, who want to improve client satisfaction and reduce the scheduling headache.
  • How do I start using SkedgeAlert?
    Contact us at [email protected] with any questions.
  • Is SkedgeAlert free?
    The SkedgeAlert mobile app is free. SkedgeAlert charges our customers a fee for use of the SkedgeAlert console. Contact [email protected]
  • Can my clients book appointments on behalf of their dependents?
    Yes, SkedgeAlert allows appointments to be filled for all your dependents, both young and old.
  • How does this function for both small businesses and enterprise businesses?
    Optimize efficiency for businesses of all sizes, whether small or enterprise with our integrated calendar or SkedgeAlert. Seamlessly integrate with your existing scheduling tools to enhance your current processes.
  • How many providers can the platform support?
    Unlimited. SkedgeAlert is a SAAS company backed by AWS that has scalability built in to increase transaction throughput as new providers are added.

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