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Eliminate the hassle of trying to get everything done within office hours. You control your complex scheduling needs while giving your clients scheduling flexibility.

Clients can schedule, cancel, and reschedule within the SkedgeAlert Mobile App 24/7/365 using our family-friendly mobile app. 

  • Reduce phone call volume by enabling phone-less scheduling

  • Improve the client experience by eliminating hold times and allowing clients to schedule when and where they want

  • Increase client outcomes by getting your clients in sooner

  • Increase slot utilization by filling all of your Appointment Types

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Client Self-Scheduling

Cancellation Management

Reduce your no-show rate and increase your fill rate by giving your clients an option to cancel and reschedule without having to call the office.

If wait times on the phone are greater than 3 minutes, clients are more likely to no-show than cancel with you. 


Allow clients to cancel and reschedule appointments through the SkedgeAlert Mobile app.  When a cancellation occurs you are notified through the SkedgeAssist dashboard and email, if desired. 

  • Reduce your no-show rate by allowing cancellations through the mobile app

  • Configure SkedgeAlert to your cancellation policies and cancellation windows

  • Use SkedgeAssist Smart Appointment Alerts to fill the cancelled appointment

  • Reduce cancellation call volume

Moving People

Get a better overview
with the Dashboard

Notifications center to manage appointment flows

Daily Metrics for appointment flows tracking

Summary statistics overview for business analysis

SkedgeAlert's dashboard gives you one place to manage your connections and send your alerts.

Appointment Type Scheduling

Scheduling is complex!  With other solutions, Clients can book a 15-minute Follow-Up appointment instead of a 30- minute New Patient appointment just because it is the first available.  

SkedgeAlert Mobile App locks in the correct Appointment Type before clients receive open appointment alerts from SkedgeAssist.

  • Appointment Types are configurable based on your business needs

  • SkedgeAssist integrates with your master EHR schedules, ensuring the proper Appointment Type and duration match

  • Clients select one Appointment Type at a time

Appointment Type Scheduling

Interactive calendar view for better scheduling

Color tracking of appointment alerts through their lifecycle.

Calendar View Image.jpg

Smart Appointment Alerts

Use SkedgeAssist to send open appointments to your clients through the SkedgeAlert Mobile App, based on client appointment availability preferences.

Clients set their availability in the SkedgeAlert Mobile App. If an opening matches their availability, the app alerts them of the opening.   

  • Increase revenue by filling open appointments

  • Eliminate the scheduling churn by giving scheduling options to your clients (clients manage the churn)

  • Reduce the constant noise by only giving clients appointments that match their availability

  • Streamline operations and reduce call volume

  • Cope with labor shortages by giving your team a tool that works

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Smart Appointment Alerts
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Automated Waitlist

Gone are the days of managing waitlists! SkedgeAlert has automated the waitlist. Your clients connect with you and will receive appointment alerts when you have openings. 

Doctor and Patient

Referral Management

Eliminate patient leakage with SkedgeAssist referral management. Inviting clients within 4 hours of a referral leads to approximately 85% of booked appointments.

Appointment & Office Instructions

Free up the last part of the day for your scheduling team by automating the appointment reminder and instruction call.  Simply give us your Appointment Instructions for each appointment and we link this information to the Booked Appointment card. 

  • Detailed instructions for each Appointment Type

  • Customized instructions based on your office needs

  • Eliminate the time staff spend reading the instruction phone script

  • Increase client satisfaction by having all the information at their fingertips

Girl getting appointment instructions
Automated Waitlist
Referral Management
Appointmet & Office Instructions
Call Center Employee

Appointment Reminders

Let SkedgeAssist help your schedulers with automating the appointment reminder process. Automate the mundane and tedious processes so your team can focus on meaningful work. 

  • In-app reminders

  • Mobile notification reminders 

  • Ability to Cancel and reschedule

  • Appointment Instructions included with the reminder 

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Appointment Reminders

With the SkedgeAlert Mobile App your clients can easily add dependents and caregiver parents to their account. This allows your clients to make appointments for all of their needs on one account within the App. 

Each provider can have one or all of the family receive appointments from your office. 

Family-friendly Schedule on Behalf of (SOBO)

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Seamlessly integrate with your EHR

Don't see your EHR/EMR on the list? Contact us for our full list.

Notebook work with statistics on sofa bu

Trends & Reports

Use SkedgeAlert reporting to make strong business decisions for future growth or staff utilization.

  • Time to fill reporting

  • Cancellation reporting

  • Location and provider-specific reporting

Trends & Reports

Clients use the SkedgeAlert Mobile app

Learn how our service solves scheduling problems, including last-minute cancellations, for clients.

Schedulers can use our system on tablets, laptops and desktop machines
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