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SkedgeAlert is easy

Watch the video to see how SkedgeAlert has changed the appointment booking process.

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Smart and Silent

No phone calls, no websites – just a simple app to solve your appointment problems.​

The app will only notify you about appointments based on the Availability you have set.

Update your Availability at any time for your providers.

No more phone calls, get in to your doctor or provider sooner. Let your provider know when you are available to see them.
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Book all of your appointments in one app. Schedule for your family members and for different types of providers. Not just medical

Book appointments
in one app

SkedgeAlert enables you to make appointments with your salon, pet groomers, medical providers, etc. Multiple apps and websites are no longer needed!

Appointments made easy

Family Friendly. Schedule on behalf of your family members (SOBO)
Family friendly

Manage appointments for you and your family, all in one place.

Be alerted to appointments that match your availability. Be reminded of upcoming appointments for your and your family
Smart reminders

Receive reminders of upcoming appointments.

Syncs to your mobile calendar ensuring you never miss an appointment.  Appointment reminders have directions and office phone numbers
Works with your calendar

Add appointments to your preferred calendar.

Be part of changing the way scheduling happens. No more look and book. Your time is valuable and the SkedgeAlert mobile app lets you maximize your time.

Stay on top of 
booked appointments

Avoid the frustration of missed appointments. The SkedgeAlert mobile app notifies you of upcoming appointments.


We are adding new providers regularly. Refer your provider to get them on the SkedgeAlert app and get a reward!

Get a $25 Amazon gift card for your provider referrals!

Are you a Service Provider?

Are cancellations affecting your business? Let SkedgeAlert help fill your open appointments with the touch of a button. The Cure for Cancellations!

Scheduling console is availble for medical professionals with HIPAA requirements along with non-medical providers

HIPAA Compliant - Service Providers

Service Providers

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