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All of your family on one app

SkedgeAlert is family friendly. You can manage appointments for you and your family, all in one place! With our new schedule on behalf of (SOBO) feature, you can add dependents and receive alerts on their behalf. Managing your family appointments just got a lot simpler!

To add a dependent:

  1. Tap Menu, tap Profile

  2. Tap Add Dependent

  3. Complete the form entry: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth (DOB)

  4. View the Minor Consent Policy

  5. Consent to the Policy by checking the box

  6. Tap Add

  7. Continue this process for all your dependents or people you schedule on behalf of e.g. spouse, parents, etc.

Connect your dependents to your connected Providers:

  1. On your Home Screen, Tap Connections

  2. Find the Provider you are already connected with

  3. Tap the Provider card for an expanded view

  4. In the upper right hand corner, Tap the ellipses (three dots)

  5. Tap Manage Connections from the bottom pop-up menu

  6. Toggle your dependent to connected

Follow the Connecting to Providers instructions for a new dependent Provider Connection.

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