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Cancelling a Confirmed SkedgeAlert Appointment

Cancelling Booked Appointments has never been easier! To cancel a SkedgeAlert Booked Appointment:

  1. On your Home Screen, Tap Appointments

  2. Scroll to find the Booked Appointment card for the appointment you would like to cancel

  3. Tap the Booked Appointment card

  4. Tap 'Cancel Appointment'

  5. Tap 'Yes, Cancel Appointment' to confirm

  6. This Booked Appointment card (red) will now update to a Cancelled Appointment card (grey) and remain in your Appointments screen until the Cancelled Appointment date/time has passed.

Tap the video for step by step instructions, make sure the sound it on.

Note: If there is no Cancel Appointment option on your Booked Appointment card, then you are too close to your appointment time to cancel and/or your Provider does not allow cancellations. Please call your Provider's office for further assistance.

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