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Scheduling an Appointment

After your Provider approves your Connection, you will start to receive Alerts for upcoming appointments, based on your Availability. The Provider will send out Alerts when appointments become available. If you have notifications turned on, you will receive a notification when an available appointment and your Availability match. This is called an Active Alert. If you have notifications turned off, you will see a badge on the app or you can just open the app.

  1. Tap Active Alerts on the Home Screen

  2. When there is an Active Alert, Click Request or Accept to start to claim the appointment

  3. View the date and time of the appointment

  4. Tap Confirm, after you have consulted your personal calendar to ensure you can make that time-slot

  5. Tap Decline, if the appointment does not meet your scheduling needs

  6. Tap Add to Calendar, if you have accepted the appointment

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