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Stop Alerts from specific Providers

Pausing Alerts with specific Providers comes in handy when you just claimed an appointment. By Pausing an Alert for a specific Provider, it lets the Provider know that you no longer want to receive Alerts. To Pause your Alerts for a specific Provider:

  1. On your Home Screen, Tap Connections

  2. Find the Provider you are already connected with

  3. Tap the Provider card for an expanded view

  4. In the upper right hand corner, Tap the ellipses (three dots)

  5. Tap Alert Settings from the bottom pop-up menu

  6. Uncheck the boxes for the people you no longer want to receive Alerts for, Uncheck all to stop Alerts for this Provider all together.

Hint: If you have regular cadence appointments, update your Availability for that specific Provider rather than Pause the Alert. You can set your Availability to only send you Alerts for future appointments. So if you want an appointment for your 6-month follow-up visit, update your availability rather than pause the Provider. This way you will receive Alerts when the Provider's schedule opens! This is just one way scheduling is being reimagined with SkedgeAlert!

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