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Mobile Help

Turning off Alerts

There are two ways to Pause your Alerts.

To turn off your Alerts for a specific Provider:

  1. Tap Connections

  2. Scroll to the Provider card

  3. Tap the expand arrow

  4. Tap the ellipses (three dots) in upper right hand corner

  5. Tap Alert Settings in the bottom popup menu

  6. Check the box for the individual(s) you would like to Pause Alerts for. If you uncheck all boxes it will Pause all alerts for the specific provider.

To turn off Alerts for ALL Providers:

  1. Tap Menu (3 stacked bars) in the upper left corner of the Home screen

  2. Toggle Pause Alerts at the bottom of the menu screen to Off

  3. This will Pause ALL Alerts for ALL Providers until you toggle the Paused Alerts On

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