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Match-maker Scheduling

How many different websites do you visit in a month for the purpose of making appointments? How many phone calls do you make? Have you noticed that the process of scheduling is largely provider driven? But what if it were user-driven? What if you could launch an app and make appointments in one place?

That’s what we do at SkedgeAlert and that’s what makes us different. We have app-based scheduling and a match-making service between providers and customers. The best part of our service is that you, the customer, can tell your providers when you want to be considered for an appointment (your availability) and it can be different for every provider. Likewise, each provider indicates when they have openings, and our software performs the matchmaking. No unnecessary texts or phone calls. No websites. You don’t even have to leave the app to confirm the appointment and add it to your calendar.

Much like “Name your own price” changed the way airlines and hotels operated, “availability matching” is the next big disruption in scheduling technology. Our client-centered, app-based approach eliminates the friction currently found in the scheduling process.

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