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The ‘Uber-ization’ of Scheduling

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

When you need a ride, you are in fact ‘making an appointment’ with a driver to pick you up. So why is it that a rideshare driver always shows up when you want them, and yet other people don’t always show up when they have an appointment with you? 

Perhaps, it’s in the simple way rideshare services match drivers and fares. 

We see them everywhere now. People, standing on the corner holding their phones, intently looking at cars, but not the people inside. Years ago, we might have stopped and asked if they needed help, but today we drive on because we all know they are simply waiting for their ride. It took some time, then overnight a new norm was adopted getting us from A to B through an app and a rideshare service. And we love it! It is easy. It is convenient. Most importantly, it works.  

If technology can make it easier to make an appointment for a ride, couldn’t technology make it easier to fill an appointment for other services?

As a business owner, you have a qualified service that you know someone needs. If we are still talking about rideshare, that would be your car. But for most, it is your dental chair, massage bed, garage lift… it is your practice. It seems, the only difference between scheduling time for your service and that of the driver is the way service providers and clients are connected.

Drivers actively participate in a rideshare service where they compete for fares, while service providers wait for the phone to ring, send/receive texts, leave messages, or expect their clients to use the ‘new’ self-service method to “find time” on an open calendar via web or app. Comparing the effectiveness of rideshare with these classic (and mostly passive) scheduling methods, one can quickly realize how outdated and costly our traditional scheduling methods have become. Until now!

Recently, a new “Interactive Alerting” technology released by SkedgeAlert, Inc. has found a way to help businesses match client availability with their open appointments, in many ways just like rideshare companies are matching drivers and fares. And like your favorite rideshare service, SkedgeAlert even figured out how to make it happen with the touch of a button.

Modernizing B2C appointment setting with SkedgeAlert.

Consider your personal experience when using a rideshare app. The moment you request a driver, your request goes out to several potential drivers who are each looking for a fare. Every one of them has the same opportunity and motivation to claim your fare. Fortunately for you, it only takes one driver to pick you up and shuttle you to your destination. Rideshare services work because they link your current availability to a pool of drivers who are actively seeking customers.

SkedgeAlert's intentional design gives you the ability to actively fill your open appointments in an equivalent manner. When you have an open slot, SkedgeAlert broadcasts an “Interactive Alert” to a pool of your clients who are actively seeking an appointment with you for that time. And unlike emails or text services which may spam all your clients, SkedgeAlert’s Interactive Alerts only go to those clients who have indicated they would like to see you, increasing your ability to fill any opening in your calendar. To complete the experience, SkedgeAlert’s automated service fully manages the notification and confirmation process.

Does it work?

A Seattle chiropractor using SkedgeAlert calls it, “a game changer when it comes to filling cancellations!” Another subscriber claims SkedgeAlert helps to fill up to 8 out of 10 same day cancellations (or ‘no shows’), many in less than 10 minutes. Additional claims about SkedgeAlert include reductions in labor expenses directly associated with the increasing cost to staff phone lines and front desk resources.

SkedgeAlert puts you back in the driver’s seat, so you can actively manage your schedule. SkedgeAlert’s patented technology and business automation enables you to reach every available client, quickly and easily. The next time you see someone waiting for a ride - they are on their way to their next appointment.

Check out for more information.

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