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Business Settings

The Business Setting is the place where organizational policies and preferences are stored.

If you are an Integrated Customer, please contact before modifying your settings.


Edit Business Setting preferences or choose a default setting for items such as client information, alert settings and descriptions, confirmation windows, etc. Use the pencil on the right-hand side to edit.


View and edit each location address, contact information, office hours, etc. Use the Add Location button to add new locations and the pencil on the right-hand side to edit current locations.


View and edit each Provider. Please remember Providers are specific to Location. Providers that work with multiple locations will need to be entered in each Location.

To add a Provider:

  • Go to Business Settings>Providers

  • Select Add Provider

  • Enter in the Full Name of the Provider e.g. Dr. John Smith or John Smith, LMT

  • Select the appropriate Location

  • Select the appropriate Specialty

  • Determine the Provider’s availability for that specific Location

  • Location Hours are defaulted. If selected, the Provider’s availability will default to the Location days and hours of operation

    • Tip: Location Hours are configured in the Settings or during the set-up of your account

  • Select Specific Hours if the Provider’s availability needs to be modified for the specific Location. Please note: the system does not block the Calendar or Alerts based off availability. This is scheduled for a future release.

    • Enter the time the Provider is available at that specific Location

    • Click the days of the week the Provider is available at that specific Location

  • Click Add

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