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Definitions and Quick Tips

Confused on what a status means or need to contact SkedgeAlert? Look here for some quick references to get you moving in the right direction.

Quick Tips

Serial Alert-An Alert sent sequentially to the list of clients, chosen in a specific order. Each client receives the Alert one at a time until someone claims the Alert or until the Alert makes it through the entire client list.

Blast Alert-Alert sent at the same time to the entire list of clients (fastest to claim the Alert books the appointment!).

Block In-House-Appointments not made through a SkedgeAlert Alert. Blocks can only be made from Calendar screen. These may be useful for blocking existing appointments, days off, etc.

Calendar not showing appointments-Ensure Provider and Location are selected.

Client is not showing in Alert Screen-Ensure they have been Approved for the correlating Provider on the Connections screen. For integrated Providers only, ensure a Client ID has been entered.

Integrated Providers-Describes Providers/Organizations that have integrated their scheduling systems with SkedgeAlert.

Visit Type-Describes the type of appointment the client is booking an appointment for. Some Organizations have one visit type, while others may have many. Mobile clients select which visit type they are needing within the SkedgeAlert app and when an Alert is sent out, only mobile clients matching with that visit type will receive the Alert.

Client needs help using the mobile App-Email or call 1-833-215-8596 press 1

Schedulers & Providers needing assistance-Email or call 1-833-215-8596 press 1

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