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User Menu

The User Menu is where you can set up your personal preferences.

User Menu

Click on your username in the upper right-hand corner to open the User Menu showing User Settings, Business Settings, and Disclosures.

User Profile:

Here you can view your name and contact information for this User Profile. Note: you cannot edit these items, but only view the information associated with the User Profile.

Please contact [email protected] if any information is incorrect and needs to be updated.

Notification Settings:

Using the Toggles to mark On or Off, you can set the email preferences to receive email updates for Alerts Claimed, Alerts Unclaimed, and New Pending Client. If you choose to Toggle these email notifications On, an email will be sent to notify the email address noted for each notification type. Use the pencil on the right-hand side to update the email address where each notification will be sent.

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